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Beyond the Runway: Exploring the intersection of AI and digital fashion

Thursday 13 July
19:00 – 21:00
The Studio

Discover how AI is revolutionising the entire fashion landscape, from the creative process to production and consumption.

Join the Fashion Innovation Agency and Fashion District for the first in a series of fash-tech meet-ups designed for digital fashion and tech businesses to engage with inspiring talks, exciting conversations and engaging presentations.

We’ll be kicking off with a captivating panel session where industry experts and thought leaders will come together to explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and digital fashion.

The esteemed panellists will delve into the profound implications of AI-driven changes for both the industry and consumers. With AI transforming every aspect of fashion, including design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, this session will provide valuable insights into the most promising and innovative applications of this transformative technology. The panellists will also address the ethical considerations of AI-powered fashion, including vital issues such as data privacy, diversity, and sustainability, and ensuring that AI is harnessed for the benefit of all.

Speakers include:

  • Moin Roberts-Islam – Technology Development Manager, Fashion Innovation Agency
  • James Joseph – Founder, CYBR Magazine
  • Cait Monahan – Editor, Hypebae
  • Josephine Miller – AR Artist
  • Daniella Loftus – Founder, DRAUP / This Outfit Does Not Exist

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from and engage with influential voices in the fashion and AI industries, and gain valuable insights into the future of fashion and technology.

This event is generously supported by BNF Insurance. BNF provides insurance for creatives and the fashion industry, always supplying bespoke policies which are as unique as their clients.

Fashion Innovation Agency
The Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) at London College of Fashion uses emerging technologies to disrupt existing practices in the fashion and retail industries, changing the way that brands make, show, and sell their collections. With an extensive network within both fashion and technology, FIA is closing the gap between these industries and accelerating the pace of change to inspire and spark imagination by showing what is truly possible when two industries combine.

Moin Roberts-Islam
Moin is a fashion-tech innovator with a strong history of working on collaborative projects across fashion and emerging technology. As the Technology Development Manager at the Fashion Innovation Agency, Moin has worked on large-scale digital fashion projects with Microsoft, The Fabricant, ILMxLab, Verizon Media and PANGAIA in recent years, harnessing technologies such as augmented reality, volumetric capture, generative artificial intelligence and markerless motion capture along the way. His expertise is in formulating ideas for fashion-technology projects, developing the technology involved and overseeing the projects to completion.

James Joseph – Founder, CYBR Magazine
James Joseph is a futurist and founder of CYBR, the tech culture magazine and fashion brand that merges physical and digital worlds through Augmented Reality. James is renowned as a pioneer of the web3 space, and has a mission of revolutionising the media industry through it. CYBR has gained significant support, including backing from Red DAO and other prominent investors. James is also an esteemed contributor to M.I.T. ‘s enterprise forum and has been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue Business, Forbes, Hypebae, and SHOWstudio.

Cait Monahan – Editor, Hypebae
Cait Monahan is a strategist, trend forecaster and the Managing Editor of Hypebae, Global. With a penchant for digital culture and online identity, Cait has worked on countless community projects exploring AI, Augmented Reality, GAN Networks and Digital Fashion as well as developing her own trend and talent incubator, Limbo+Hatch. With clients including WGSN, MORNING, TRASHYMUSE, Trend Atelier and Omnicom Media, Cait leverages design thinking and speculative research to help brands speak to the movements and moments that matter most to creative audiences.

Josephine Miller – AR Artist
As a Freelance Art Director and XR/3D Artist, Josephine is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity through experimentation with cutting-edge technology. Recently, she has been utilizing AI to bring her conceptualization and moodboard generation for digital fashion to new heights – predominately experimenting with Open AI, Midjourney, Runway, EBsynth and Stable Diffusion in any new workflow. She states “AI has significantly accelerated my design process by allowing me to quickly and accurately generate multiple iterations. This has massively reduced the time it takes me to arrive at the final design, almost cutting the conceptual phase in half. The result is a more precise and efficient workflow.” Her aim is to inspire others by making an impact to improve the relationship between human and technology though creating purposeful designs.

Daniella Loftus – Founder, DRAUP / This Outfit Does Not Exist
Daniella Loftus is a Digital Fashion creator, investor and entrepreneur. As the visionary founder and CEO of DRAUP, a revolutionary platform that brings code to couture, Daniella was among the original pioneers in the Digital Fashion space.  Beginning in 2020 as the first digital fashion content creator, she became a leading voice in the industry, with insights featured across global media including The New York Times, CNBC, Bloomberg and Vogue. In October 2021, Dani’s ecosystem expertise led her to become a founding member of Digital Fashion investment vehicle RED DAO, with over $6M of Digital Fashion assets under management, including the Dolce & Gabbana DOGE crown. Dani is now building DRAUP — a Web3 native platform for the next era of luxury fashion which will focus on deploying code to create clothes and collaborating with pioneering digital artists, using algorithms and artisanship to redefine high fashion in the digital age.

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