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Programme Content and Modules


Fri 1 – Sat 2 March

Introduction to Evo Fashion
Evo Fashion kicks off with a two-day launchpad event that includes an in-depth overview of the course content, themes and schedule, as well as an introduction to our lead facilitators Vanessa Podmore and Tom Farrand. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with fellow cohort members through an experiential session that focuses on building a sense of community and collaboration.

Understanding the Fashion Industry’s Impact on Climate
In this mini-deepdive, Vanessa Podmore sets the scene and establishes the importance of leading with sustainability, as she shares insights into the current state of the fashion industry and its impact on climate.

Tom Farrand leads this session which encourages you to take a moment and reflect on how you feel about the course and insights gained so far. You’ll have the chance to share your thoughts amongst breakout groups in an exercise that fosters active and empathetic listening.

Welcome Dinner
Round off the day with dinner at a local restaurant, and continue conversations with themes and talking points provided to guide discussions.

Energy Management
This Saturday morning session looks at how to support you as founders. People coach Tom Farrand will delve into your ways of working and the personal values that inform your vision. You’ll learn how to perform at your best by managing energy levels and protecting your wellbeing as a founder.

Peer-to-Peer Group Session
The first of your peer-to-peer sessions will be guided to help you establish a working format for future meetings. This is your opportunity to check-in with one another, share challenges faced as a founder and business, and encourage mutual support and collaboration.

One-To-One Sessions with Vanessa Podmore

Between Mon 4 – Fri 15 March

A one-to-one session with leading sustainability consultant Vanessa Podmore to help best curate the most relevant approach to supporting your brand’s needs and sustainability goals.

Planet and Ethical Practices

Tues 19 March

Fashion’s Impact on Climate and Climate’s Impact on Fashion. What Does It Mean for Your Business?
Start off the day by delving into renowned environmental initiatives, including the Paris Agreement and the Science Based Targets Initiative before gaining insights into carbon counting, supply chain transparency and scope 3 emissions. Next, explore alternative approaches to the current fashion system in the circular economy and regenerative practice, considering your business model within the future fashion landscape. Equip yourself with knowledge of sustainability legislation, risk, and governance to ensure your business thrives in an era that demands environmental responsibility.

Write A Sustainability Statement
Craft a statement that expresses your commitment to and approach towards sustainability. Guidance and tips will be provided to help communicate your values, intentions and strategies on environmental impact and social responsibility.

Design for the Future
An ‘in conversation’ with sustainable fashion designer, Phoebe English, that focuses on challenging the status quo and thinking differently about business and products. Transcend conventional design thinking and learn how to continue innovating and creatively-thinking in a time of climate change.

Minimising Impact: Raw Materials
This session delves into key raw materials and helps you to understand their risks and impact, whilst also exploring less harmful alternatives. Navigate legal obligations and compliance in relation to chemical use within the textile industry, before discussing the pro’s and con’s of deadstock materials.

There’s No Silver Bullet 
Vanessa is joined by Amanda Johnston, Curator and Educational Consultant at The Sustainable Angle, to share tips and advice on how to master the art of raw material selection and measure the impact of your material choices. Find out about resources that can assist you to make the best choices for people, planet and profit.

Thinking Ahead and Learning From Big Business
A round up of changing sustainability legislation with a spotlight on combating greenwashing. Gain invaluable insights from the investment and wider stakeholder communities, understanding their perspectives on sustainable practices and why it matters.

Peer to Peer Group Session

Between Wed 20 March – Fri 12 April

This is your opportunity to check-in with one another, share challenges faced as a founder and business, and encourage mutual support and collaboration.

Business and Financial Planning

Tues 16 April

Future Fashion Business Models 
This workshop will take a look at existing and alternative business models, as well as corresponding sales and distribution options including wholesale, rental, direct-to-consumer and more. Explore the best model that aligns with your audience value proposition and supports the sustainable growth and development of your brand.

Finance: Models, Budgets and Forecasting
Learn to understand and apply simple principles to manage your business finances and achieve growth. This session will cover raising finance, managing cash flow, setting budgets, understanding KPI’s, costing and pricing for sustainability and much more – all with the objective of increasing profits without stress or compromise of values.

Build your own financial models using visual tools that allow you to set and reach targets, and that can be presented in order to access the many funding options available to you once armed with this knowledge. Be empowered by being in financial control.

Peer to Peer Group Session

Between Wed 17 April – Fri 10 May

This is your opportunity to check-in with one another, share challenges faced as a founder and business, and encourage mutual support and collaboration.

One-To-One Sessions with Stuart Balmer

Between Wed 17 April – Fri 10 May

An opportunity to deep dive into any of the topics highlighted in the Finance: Models, Budgets and Forecasting workshop, as they relate to your business. Receive tailored advice and to come away from the programme with a robust and achievable financial plan.

Communications and Protecting Your Business

Tues 14 May

The Media Landscape
A whistle-stop tour of fashion media and communications, from editorial to social media. This introductory session paints a picture of the media landscape as a whole, before focusing on recommended and accessible approaches for start-ups and SMEs. 

Impactful Storytelling
Learn how to communicate your brand values and sustainable practice accurately and effectively, whilst ensuring that your communications are compliant with the latest legislation, such as the green claims code. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to communicate to different audiences, from investors to consumers.

Build Your Strategy
This workshop assists you with pinpointing your USP and ensuring that you stand out against your competitors. Define your overall media and communications strategy that is personal to your label, whilst building a meaningful connection with your audience. 

An Introduction to Intellectual Property
A comprehensive introduction to Intellectual Property (IP) that explores the world of patents, trademarks, and confidentiality agreements, outlining the essentials of safeguarding your business and products both in the UK and international markets. Expect an interactive session with case studies featuring real-life products that will build your understanding of IP protection and its practical applications.

Peer to Peer Group Session

Between Wed 15 – Fri 31 May

This is your opportunity to check-in with one another, share challenges faced as a founder and business, and encourage mutual support and collaboration.

One-To-One Sessions with Tom Farrand

Between Wed 15 – Fri 31 May

A one-to-one session with collaborative entrepreneur and people coach Tom Farrand to understand the needs of you as founders and your team approach.

Leadership and Investment Readiness

Tues 4 June

Leadership and Shadow Behaviours
People-coach, Tom Farrand, leads you through understanding personality types and how this can help you better develop yourself as founders and set a course for the next stage of growth.

Introduction to Start-Up Investment
This session is designed to equip you with foundational insights into early stage investment. Become familiar with key terminology, stages of investment from pre-seed to Series A, and funding sources, delving into the specifics of angel investment, institutional funding and crowdfunding. Learn about the process of applying for investment and how to spot red flags, such as financial promotions. Come away with the knowledge and insights to get started on your investment journey.

Investment Readiness
Equipped with knowledge and insights, you’ll have the opportunity to develop an investment route-map that aligns with your brand values and business model. Consider your reasons for raising funds and determine what you might need from an investor, before identifying routes to suitable investors.

Perfect Your Pitch
Elevate your pitch in this interactive workshop that explores how to craft a compelling story and communicate your purpose, values and vision, whilst capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression. Engage in live pitching exercises, receive constructive feedback, and hone your ability to convey your ideas with confidence and conviction. Create the perfect pitch whether you’re seeking investment, selling a product, or seeking partnership opportunities.


Wed 12 – Fri 14 June

An exclusive photoshoot to capture one distinct look per designer and create marketing materials to make a lasting impression on industry stakeholders. All individual looks will be collated into a lookbook, creating a collective showcase of the cohort’s talent to distribute amongst industry networks and contacts. 

Industry Awards Supper

Wed 3 July

Showcase your brand and latest products at the Manufacturing Futures 2024 Awards Supper. Build your network and connect with a diverse audience of industry experts including influential brands, retailers and investors. This is your opportunity to forge relationships for the future of your business.