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Reture – Programme Partner

New premium fashion upcycling platform RETURE is the first of its kind, enabling fashion-forward users to collaborate directly with word-class designers to rework their preloved garments into unique treasures. Working with a designer of their choice based on geographic location, material expertise, or services offered, users are able to give their garments a new lease of life. For example, transforming a wedding dress into a cocktail dress and handbag or customising an old blazer. Since launching in November 2020, its invite-only design community has doubled in size and hundreds of unique, upcycled and sustainable pieces have been added to its e-commerce marketplace.

Complementing millennial-approved services such as fashion repair, rental, and resell, RETURE proves upcycling is a mandatory practice for not only extending the life of garments, but also in preserving craft and supporting the next generation of fashion talent. The platform aims to grow upcycling as a key pillar in premium fashion consumption, through its bespoke service, its e-commerce marketplace of reworked garments and accessories, and upcoming partnerships with sustainability-focused organisations. With fashion’s circular economy estimated to be worth $5 trillion and $500 billion of value lost annually due to clothing being barely worn, upcycling presents a lucrative opportunity, whilst reducing fashion’s harmful environmental impact.

Fashion District Festival

Visit RETURE at Westfield Stratford City to shop the latest upcycled garments from leading London designers and meet the makers within RETURE’s design community. Take a trip through the RETURE app and sign up to have your preloved items recreated into a new wardrobe favourite.

Throughout the Fashion District Festival, several designers from the RETURE community will share their upcycling expertise during interactive workshops. From learning how to customise your clothes with kimono fabrics, to creating a completely new garment with knit techniques, these workshops will provide you with the skills to transform your wardrobe.

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