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Flair – Programming Partner

Flair is an innovative new showcasing platform and marketplace that focuses on building the next generation of designers, jumpstarting them into their new careers, with sustainability and tech at its core and a strong emphasis on storytelling. Flair enables emerging brands and designers to forge a stronger connection with their audience and fully rely on the powerful values and ideas behind their collections. Designers who want to go beyond showcasing also have the opportunity to utilise Flair marketplace to sell directly to consumers. 

Flair has been developed from the ground up to be the connecter, supporter and innovator for the next generation of designers; aiming to provide the building blocks to help designers establish and grow their brands. That’s why Flair will be launching a Connection Hub for designers to connect with an entire ecosystem of different services in the supply chain; including sampling, manufacturing, delivery and more, helping designers find fairer practices, scale production and reduce cost. 

Fashion District Festival

Flair are collaborating with Fashion District to host their 2021 Showcase at the festival. Join Flair to meet with designers showcasing their work both virtually and physically. There will also be live interviews with the designers, where you’ll learn more about the ideas behind their collections, their brand directions and plans for the future.

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