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Clothes Swap Shop

Saturday 15 July
10:00 – 16:00
The Studio

Join Verte for the ultimate swap shop experience!

Come along to Verte’s swap shop and experience the most sustainable way to shop! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and your kids’ wardrobes while minimising your impact on the planet. Whether you’re swapping kids’ clothing, adults’ clothing, or both, feel free to bring 10 items for each category.

How it works

  • Drop off your items: Bring your items to the Festival Pop-Up Shop starting from Tuesday 11 July and hand them over to one of our event organisers. Alternatively, you can bring your items on the day of the swap.
  • Claim tokens: Based on the quality of the items you bring, Verte will provide you with a corresponding number of tokens. The token system has a sliding scale, ranging from high-street to luxury brands, ensuring fairness for all participants. Please note that each kids’ item is worth one token.
  • Swap, don’t shop! Once the swap begins, use your tokens as currency to shop for new items. Verte will continuously replenish the stock throughout the day, so everyone has an opportunity to find something they love.
  • Important details: Verte accepts all premium high-street clothing and assigns tokens based on the brand, item, and condition of the garment. The organisers reserve the right to allocate tokens accordingly. Please note that certain items such as swimwear, underwear (unless all hygiene elements are intact), skinny jeans, shoes, and athletic wear (unless new with tags) will not be accepted. All clothing should be in good condition without any rips, stains, or excessive wear.
  • Unused tokens: Any tokens that you don’t use during the swap can be carried over to future events by signing up for Verte’s online app at
  • Additional items: You are welcome to bring more than 10 items, but tokens will only be allocated for 10. The remaining items will be considered as donations.

The Studio will be jam packed with family-friendly activities so whilst you swap, why not learn all about rental and check out the latest collections from or collective. Making for Change will also be offering creative workshops for your little ones throughout the day, including a chance to customise a piece of clothing or create an outfit for their favourite toys.

Verte London
Verte was founded in 2019 with a core purpose of reducing the impact of fashion on the planet by extending the lifespan of clothes. Recognising the challenges posed by overloaded charity shops and the limitations of online second-hand platforms for physical shopping, Verte aims to provide a solution that enables people to acquire new items without driving new consumption. Verte has organised clothes swap events for renowned establishments such as Westfield, Deliveroo, and Soho House.

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