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Grow – Good Work Standard for Fashion

Friday September 24th 10.30am-12.30am
British Council, 2 Redman Place, Stratford, London, E18

Join the launch of a new accreditation that aims to cement London’s status as a sustainable fashion capital, addressing the need for resources and support to ensure good social and environmental governance for businesses. In association with The Trampery, the GLA, London Legacy Development Corporation and Fashion District.

Following the launch, engage in a series of interactive mini-workshops to support the newly-launched Good Work Standard for Fashion with topics including Building Impactful Teams, Good Social and Environmental Governance, Diversity and Inclusion in the Fashion Sector, Founder and Team Wellbeing and Positive Internships and Work Placements.

There will be opportunities to sign up and pledge to undertaking the Good Work Standard for Fashion throughout this event.

The Trampery
Working with partners including the Barbican, Peabody and London College of Fashion, The Trampery has supported more than 1,000 businesses, providing workspaces and training in an ecosystem of sector-focused facilities across London.

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