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GROW – Flair: Class of 2021 Showcase

Wednesday, September 22nd 11.00am – 1.30pm

Flair’s 2021 Showcase celebrated the coming generation of designers from the Class of 2021, in collaboration with Fashion District. 

A selection of graduating designers showcased their work both virtually and physically. Alongside the showcase, there were live interviews with the designers, where they discussed the ideas behind their collections, their brand directions and plans for the future. In addition, Flair were joined by Co-founder and CEO of Compare Ethics, Abbie Morris, who took part in an important discussion around sustainability and production. 

Flair is an innovative new showcasing platform and marketplace that focuses on building the next generation of designers, jumpstarting them into new careers, with sustainability and tech at its core and a strong emphasis on storytelling.

All photography by Richard Hanson

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