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Make – Arpilleras Workshop with Anciela

Friday, September 24th 3.30 – 5.00pm
The Lab E20

This event kicked off with an exclusive viewing of Anciela’s London Fashion Week 2022 short film, titled ‘Dreams of a life’. This film presentation featured The Arpillera and introduced Anciela’s latest collection, whilst being accompanied by spoken word poetry.

The workshop was inspired by The Arpilleras, traditional embroidered and quilted patchwork that depicted the stories of vulnerable women in Latin America and artists such as Violeta Parra. The technique was humble and conscious by using available materials, such as leftovers from old clothes and fabric scraps. The Arpillera became a tool of protest and activism for women in the 1970s.

Anciela’s Creative Director, Jennifer, taught festival-goers how to use fabric scraps and turn them into unique embroidered embellishments that tell a story. The demonstrated technique could be taken away with the attendees and used in different ways to refashion their own garments, increasing their life and value.

Anciela is a platform that celebrates Colombian culture and experimental tailoring. Founded by London-based Fashion Designer Jennifer Droguett in 2019. The brand believes in creating light-hearted clothing both functional and fun, where each garment becomes a part of a story that promotes a fresh Southamerican narrative showing Colombia’s rich history in a different light. Having a mindful approach to design is at the core of the brand where the planet comes first.

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