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Fashion District Festival: Live Showcase – Watch Now!

The Fashion District Festival kicked off in true style with an extraordinary showcase that illuminated East London’s emerging creative talent. Elevating the traditional catwalk experience with physical and digital runways, the showcase also featured interviews with participating designers and creators about the future of the fashion industry. Scroll down to watch the full live broadcast below. 


Hosted by the fabulous Gemma Care, styled by George Oxby and Angus Cockram from AGRO Studio, and featuring Tanya Tan from Flair Fashion and Joy Craig from Alterist (who were featured in our Festival Pop-Up Shop), the iconic Spitalfields Market set the stage for an unforgettable display of artistry.

Curated by AGRO Studio and Lee Lapthorne from ON/OFF, the show featured London’s most promising emerging designers, showcasing their upcycled, recycled, and sustainable creations.

Lee Lapthorne said, “The ambition of the show is to really support East London talent. We’ve done that by creating a showcase that brings together the true creativity of East London… with a vision of upcycling, recycling, and sustainability. That’s what the industry is driving towards – supporting the planet and the talent that’s here.”


Not stopping there, the event also celebrated visionary designers from the rapidly developing digital fashion space. Filmmaker Oscar Keene curated a digital runway, presenting stunning garments from emerging digital designers.

Janey Park, the brilliant brand strategist and content creator, shared her insight into the future of fashion, emphasising collaboration, co-creation, and community. “It’s just fashion at the end of the day. It’s going to be the norm,” Janey remarked, envisioning a seamless blend of digital and physical fashion.

Matt Flynn

The showcase featured interviews with the designers and creators, all united in their mission to revolutionise the future of fashion. Passionate about combining community, processes, techniques, and technology, their dedication to helping create a better industry and world was truly inspiring.

Hannah from Alterist said, “We hope to be a home for all emerging designers within the upcycling space. We want to continue our mission to reduce textile waste and build a positive impact on the planet.”

George Oxby and Angus Cockram from AGRO Studio shed light on the joy and challenges of repurposing materials. “It’s definitely a fun challenge because our job is multifaceted,” Angus added, illustrating their creative process.

Watch the full showcase video here:

Credits to the brilliant minds behind the showcase:

Art direction: Lee Lapthorne, ON/OFF; Styling: AGRO Studio – George Oxby and Angus Cockram; Casting: Sarah Whisker; Production: Congo Blue; Digital Film: Oscar Keene; DJ Set: Jono Jury; Hair by Mark Woolley, Electric Hair, and L’Oreal Professionnel ID Artists; Make-up by Mus Emin.


Clementine Baldo, Joshua James Small, Maximilian Raynor, Gyouree Kim, AGRO Studio, Master Bunny, Raquel De Carvalho, Anciela, Buerlangma, Ewelina Szymanska, Florentina Leitner, Kata Haratym, Brian De Carvalho, Maison Lumiere, Paloma Suarez, Cameron Hancock, BELLADONIS, Oscar Keene.

Digital garments:

Oscar Keene, Stephy Fung, Institute of Digital Fashion, Diane Wallinger, House of Autonomy, Roksanda.

Digital Videos / Stills:

Institute of Digital Fashion, The Fabricant, Syky, Stephy Fung, House of Autonomy, Diane Wallinger, Pearl, Sam J, Jacqueline Jade, Morchen, Kapers, Leanne Roksanda, Selene, Miss Mojo, Chrryt, Laura Troncota, Magdalena Mitusinska.

A huge thank you to Feral Film and Broadcast, UAL: London College of Fashion, and our core partners C-Screens and Spitalfields for making this amazing event a reality.