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Waltham Forest Fashion Re(Made) in 2022

Waltham Forest Fashion has worked in close collaboration with Fashion District and local design studio, Egg, to create a new brand identity that reflects their unique network of strong sustainable fashion businesses.

From long established businesses that have grown up and worked in the area, to a new wave of local fashion pioneers, there’s a new generation of changemakers on the rise. All share a common entrepreneurial spirit, community driven ethos and a vision to transform the way we produce and consume clothing, and manage its impact – both on society and the environment. With the help of Egg, we’ve created a vibrant and exciting platform to portray that message.  

Egg’s research into the borough’s art and design heritage and conversations with local fashion businesses unearthed a rich and creative story. They listened to a diversity of voices and explored the functional aspect of fashion, it’s creativity, as well as current marketing trends. The result takes inspiration from Waltham Forest’s cultural heritage, the Arts & Crafts Movement, and brings it into a more contemporary space, creating a fusion between history and evolution. 

Laundry Label Inspired Graphics

With an increasing focus on sustainability, Egg also wanted to look at how clothes are made, worn, washed, and looked after long-term and were inspired by the graphic symbols found in our simple everyday washing labels. As they transformed them into a series of repeat patterns they became reminiscent of the floral print designs associated with William Morris and the arts and crafts movement. A combination of the current and the past.

A Local Palette of Colours

The colour palette is inspired by the diverse people and places of the borough with names linked to well-known locations in Waltham Forest: 

  • God’s Own Pink to reflect the jaw-dropping neon colours of God’s Own Junkyard  
  • Leyton Green celebrating the Leyton based creative Fashion Hub that is home to many new emerging designers 
  • Wood Street Blush as a nod to the growing retail scene at Wood Street  
  • Reservoir Teal celebrating the natural surroundings of Waltham Forest and the 10 reservoirs that make up the Walthamstow Wetlands 
  • Hoe Street Orange highlighting the vibrant retail scene on the main route through the heart of Walthamstow 
  • Chingford Tangerine celebrating the cluster of small fashion businesses, charity shops and retailers in Highams Park and Chingford  
  • Epping Forest Slate referencing the abundance of nature surrounding us in Epping Forest District 
  • Forest Wines Red just because…this deep red reminded Egg studio of their local favourite wine shop close to Blackhorse Road! 

Heritage meets modern fonts

For the main logo, Egg used a combination of fonts fused together mixing decorative with instructive. Acumin, the sans serif font has a balanced, clear and rational quality, and Kaftan Serif, a highly elaborate font full of lovely idiosyncrasies pays tribute to the design heritage of Waltham Forest.

The Brand – Re(Made) in 2022

Egg’s design story for Waltham Forest Fashion embodies both the functional and self-expressive side to our fashion community.  There are endless combinations of background colours and graphics to showcase businesses in their very best light. A timeless, flexible identity that can shift, bend and grow side by side with the Waltham Forest Fashion community. We hope you love it as much as we do.