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IET TV with Worn Again and Fashion for Good

The IET, Fashion District’s sponsor of Manufacturing Futures 2021, is celebrating 150 years of innovation this year and has broadcast a series of TV programmes in honour of the anniversary. Covering an array of compelling topics, it explores how engineers are finding sustainable solutions to global issues, including the digital future and sustainability in fashion.

Helen Lax, Fashion District’s Director, is part of The Green Edition in discussion with Rory Hugill, from Fashion For Good and Nick Ryan from Worn Again. Interviewed by Danielle George, MBE, President of the IET and co-host, Bobby Seagull, the panel discuss what the industry can do to reduce the impact our wardrobes have on the climate, including supporting innovative start-ups, and the challenges of re-capturing raw materials from textile waste. 

Spotlight on Worn Again

Worn Again Technologies focuses on end-of-use textiles – and solves the issues presented by non-reusable textiles made from pure polyester and polyester/cotton blends. Their advanced recycling technology recaptures raw materials from these textiles and is able to separate, decontaminate and extract polyester and cellulose from them, therefore putting sustainable resources back into production supply chains. Worn Again’s technology encourages a circular flow of resources; reducing the use of virgin raw materials in the industry.

How does the fashion industry need to change?

 “We need an holistic approach, innovative processes and ingenious engineering to re-tool the textile supply chain to be fit for purpose in the 21st Century. From processing feedstock in huge quantities, reclaiming resources via new technologies for processing and manufacturing, to enabling closer to market production, both geographically and in terms of timelines – all to reduce over-production and CO2 from extensive shipping and keep resources in circulation.”

Nick Ryan, Worn Again.

Nick Ryan

With a background of over 20 years in the apparel business, Nick has gained a wide experience in sourcing, product design, research and development, and international sales. He has also worked with a number of brands and retailers, including Nike, Puma, Timberland, M&S and Intersport amongst others. Nick is passionate about innovation and the need to go beyond mere compliance to bring about sustainable and socially responsible trade.

Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good connects brands, producers, retailers, suppliers, non-profit organisations, innovators and funders to work together in their shared ambition to make the fashion industry a force for good. By providing inspiration and information, Fashion for Good aim to revolutionise the fashion industry so that people, companies and the planet can flourish together. In 2017 Fashion for Good selected Worn Again to participate in their Scaling Programme which provided access to a network of industry experts and business advisors and helped them to accelerate the development of their innovative technology.

“By bringing together brands, supply chain partners and innovators in a pre-competitive space we’re able to create an environment that champions collaboration, encourages shared learnings and ultimately helps to scale disruptive technologies across the value chain”

Rory Hugill, Fashion for Good.

Rory Hugill

Rory Hugill is an Innovation Analyst at Fashion for Good. Rory is responsible for scouting, screening and scaling innovators in the areas of sorting, textile recycling and plastics across the fashion industry. He works with innovators, brands and other key stakeholders to drive disruptive change across the industry.

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