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Retail Futures:
Fashion District Innovation Challenge Prize 2019


A press release is also being prepared in advance to be released November 6th. In addition to the business descriptions provided for the shortlisting announcement, we would also like to include quotes from you.

Please complete this form by 12pm Weds 30th to provide quotes to be used in the press release, if you were to win, and for promotional opportunities in the future. You can also use this to addd/or amend the copy from the shortlist announcement if you wish.

Ideas for the focus of these quotes could be:
– your experience of the competition so far & why initiatives like this are beneficial
– your experience of Fashion District so far & why initiatives like this are beneficial
– how winning the challenge would impact you
– why its great to be a fashion / tech start-up up in London etc.
– why you applied.

You are welcome to write a full quote, or a series or short quotes, if you would prefer.