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MAKE – Trashion Factory Workshop

Friday, September 24th 12.30-14.30

Westfield Maker’s Space

Learn how to upcycle a scarf into a kimono. In two hours you will learn how to measure yourself, prepare and cut your scarf and hand-sew it. Transform your own scarf (please only bring really big ones) or choose one from our selection. You can design a kimono made from multiple scarfs, but you might not finish all the sewing during the workshop. The workshop is a good opportunity to meet other crafters and learn about upcycling and reusing together.

Trashion Factory

Taking clothes that would otherwise end up in landfill and refashioning them into made-to-measure wardrobe stapes and one-off pieces. Trashion Factory also takes bespoke orders to upcycle beloved and offers craft workshops to women in the local community.